Natasha Smith - Solicitor/Mediator/FDRP

I never know what to write for these thing. I started studying law because I thought I would be good at arguing. I wasn’t wrong, but I discovered that I needed other skills as well, the ability to listen, empathise, and to be able negotiate, amongst others.

I have always been the kind of person who spoke my mind, a “straight shooter”. It can be a blessing or a curse. I decided to study law and was admitted into practice in 2010. When I first started I worked in Family Law and Care and Protection. I eventually moved away from Care and Protection and into Family Law, which I have now been practicing ever since. In 2016 I decided I needed more certificates for my Mum’s wall and obtained a Masters in Family Law. I then became interested in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) as an alternative to Court and completed the Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution training, in 2017.

When the opportunity came, I decided to start my own Law and Mediation firm in Port Stephens. I have been told in the past that I have ATTITUDE (both good and bad), so I decided to turn my personality into a positive for my clients.

I don’t have any interests and hobbies outside of work and family, who has time, right? But if I was pressed to answer, it would be sitting around chatting with my friends and family. I am not really sure that hanging out counts as a hobby but let’s just say it is. 

* illustration by Jonathan Smith (aged 8)