At Attitude Family Law we are able to provide Legal Aid services to those clients who are eligiable. We understand that families are dynamic and have various degrees of finacial ability. We do not believe that the ability to pay for legal services should equal access to justice. We provide all of our client's with the same quality legal services.   

To be eligable to receive a Legal Aid NSW grant, all clients are required to meet a two fold test. The first test is a financial requirement. Legal Aid is only offered to those clients who earn an income below the threshold (known as the means test). There is a limited discretion if you earn more than the threshold. To meet this requirement you need to be able to show that you are unable to finance your legal matter by other means. 

The second test is a merit test, Legal Aid does not approve funds unless it can be satisifed that the matter would not be a waste of public spending and that the matter warrants spending limited public money. 

We can assist you to apply for a grant of legal aid. 

To book an appointment with us to discuss your legal aid matter or application contact us now.