What are your fees and charges for Family Law matters?

At Attitude Family Law we understand that everyone has a budget. We do too! We are able to offer a range of competative fees to suit every budget.

We offer value pricing, such as fixed fee agreements and in some circumstances we can offer Legal Aid services. 

Know what service you will be getting and the cost of the service before commiting yourself to the legal process. 

If your budget doesn't stress far, we also offer a mediation preparation service. For a fixed fee, we will meet with you, give you accurate advice specific to your circumstances, provide you with tips and ideas to assist you to negotiate a reasonable outcome, provide you with information about the mediation process and help you prepare, and provide you with a written letter of advice. 

We believe that we can help you. Call us today to discuss your matter and find out how. 

What kinds of information and documents do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

In property and parenting matters there is an ongoing obligation on each party to provide the other with full and frank disclosure. This means in financial matter you are required to provide to the other party documents detailing your financial circumstances. In short, you are required to swap documents with the other party. Obviously to do this we will need you to provide us with your documents. As a general rule we will require evidence of your income, value of assets and liabilities, value of your superannuation and values of any financial resources that you may have. 

In parenting matters, you are required to keep the other party informed about the circumstances of the children, such as which school they attend, are they obtaining counselling, the names of doctors and specialists. 

We will provide you with a compehensive list of documents that we will need at your first appointment. 

Do you take on Legal Aid matters?

We are able to assist your in you FAMILY LAW legal aid matter. If you already have a grant of aid we can assist you to have the grant transfered to us. 

If you would like to apply for legal aid, we can assist there too. 

Call us today to discuss your legal aid matter. 

I am not separated yet, what should I do?

Obtaining preliminary advise prior to separating is a good idea. We are able to offer you the advise you need prior to separating. Giving you accurate advice directly related to your circumstances. Separate knowing what might happen next with help you with the transition. 

We can provide you with resources, advice and guidence when you need it most. We can refer you to other services that may be able to assist you. 

If you are concerned about family violence we can assist in the implimentation of a safety plan and liaise with services to help keep you safe. 

Knowing what you will need in the future will put you ahead.